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Hill Head Kitesurfing Code of Conduct

This Kitesurf Code of Conduct was put together by Airzone Kitesurf School to help kite surfers and other beach users at Salterns Park, Hill Head stay safe and to keep kitesurfing alive at this great location into the future. Please respect it, abide by it and communicate it to anyone you see who is not acting in accordance with it. 

Please also abide by the signage provided by Fareham Borough Council at the Salterns Park Car Park, and the map used by local swimming group, the Shack Sharks, showing safe swimming areas. Both are shown below. Please stay out of the swimming areas. 

FBC kitesurfing zone map

Fareham Borough Council zoning map 

solent sharks swimming area map

Map used by the Shack Sharks swimming group

Kitesurfing Code of Conduct for kiteboading at Hill Head

    • Ensure you have third party liability insurance
    • Help anyone in need of assistance
    • Please keep away from the children's play area
    • Do not fly your kite over the beach while kitesurfing
    • Do not perform tricks within 50m from the beach
    • Tell the coastguard you are safe if you lose your kite or board out on the water

Rights of way

    • When crossing, upwind riders should fly their kite high, downwind riders should fly theirs low
    • A rider coming into the beach from the water gives way to a rider leaving the beach
    • A rider on the port tack (kite on the left side) gives way a rider on starboard tack (kite on the right side). Remember - kite on right, has right of way
    • Always look around before turning or performing a trick
    • Stay away from swimmers and swimming areas - see maps above
    • Give way to other water users


      • Regularly check your safety release systems
      • Check for wear and tear on all your equipment
      • Always use akite leash and effective safety system
      • Carry a knife that is capable of cutting the heaviest flying line you are using

Setting up, launching and landing

          • Please set up towards the middle/far end of the park away from the children's play area Do not launch close to non-kiters, or if the launch area is crowded with people
          • Put a weight on your kite when left on the land
          • Snake or wind up your lines when leaving your kite unattended
          • Look out for riders returning to shore and be ready to catch their kite
          • Please do not empty stones from your weight bag onto the grass, put them back on the beach


        • Check local weather conditions before riding
        • Do not go out in an offshore wind
        • Only go out around high tide if you can confidently ride upwind both ways
        • Wait until mid or low tide if you are learning or are a beginner
        • If the beach and shoreline are very busy wait until they have cleared before going out
        • Do not spend unnecessary time flying the kite on land - get out onto the water as soon as possible
        • Beware in SE winds - your kite might drop on the beach or in the park

If in doubt, don't go out! It is better not to ride alone. If you do, let someone know you are out and what time you expect to return. If you would like advice on your equipment and safety procedures, such as the self-rescue pack-down, please contact us.

For advice, information give us a call on 01329 665842 or email