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Kitesurf taster day

A full-on kitesurfing experience day. Power yourself through the water with the kite and get a real feeling for this exciting sport. We believe the experience should be all about flying a proper kitesurfing kite in the water. So we don't mess around with small trainer kites on the beach. After a short theory session and safety briefing, we kit up and get straight out in the water. That's the safest and the most fun place to be with a powerful kite.

During your taster day you will learn to control the kite and use it to power yourself downwind through (and sometimes over) the water. Once we have harnessed the power, then we start to use the kite in a controlled way to take us in different directions, and learn some key skills such as body dragging up wind. We do not always use the board on the first day as kite control is 80% of the skill in kitesurfing and there is so much to learn. But if you decide to book a second day, you should be ready to get straight on the board when you come back.

We concentrate on the experience of flying the kite in the water, so the 1 day course does not cover self-rescue techniques required before you go out on your own. You can always upgrade to a two day course or three day course by adding a day or two later, to cover everything you need to become an independent kitesurfer.